Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sketchbook Wednesday with Mrs. Staggs and some bears....

Mrs. Staggs mentioned using a jar for a prompt to inspire a journal page. We have a BIG old Planter's Peanuts jar where I have been throwing pennies for many years. I refer to it as my "rainy day fund" but I suspect that these coins will not take me far nowadays. I do love looking at the jar though. I have always had jars of joins in my life and this is not the only one I have here. Typical Yankee! This is the only "bear market" I am involved in.

Don't forget to click on the photos to make them bigger.

What I did:

I photographed some bears from my collection. One of them I posed in the jar. I printed out the photos on card stock , cut them out, and used them in the design. Right now I love clear glues which are quite cheap and do not cause buckling in paper. Added some embellishments like crepe paper and ribbon. I used brads to attach the page to my journal.

What I learned:

I still do not get good photos and I chose a journal that is so big I cannot get it into a scanner! My opinion is that the colors in this page are prettier in person than they are in a photo.

While I was working on this page, I actually finished another page for another week. I had made so much mess at that point, I figured that I would work while I had the supplies out.

Now I am off to Mrs. Stagg's blog to see the other work!


brsmaryland said...

Very nice! Even on my computer screen, it looks very 3-dimensional, not like a copy at all.
I think we all can use some rainy day coin jars!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Helen, you are so creative. That page does look like the real bear and jar are just sitting there. I know, it's frustrating to try to get a good picture of the pages, isn't it? I think a couple of mine have looked dreadful online, but in person, they're much better.
It's so interesting, you are working in a large book, and I'm working in a smaller one and wishing for one that is larger. I think, if I do this again, I will use an old fashioned scrapbook. Occasionally, I find those at the thrift store, never used. 'Course then, there is the issue of scanning, but I think the larger size would give me a bit more freedom in what I'm creating.

My guys hate to carry change around, so they always throw them into a jar. Once, I rolled it all, and was able to buy a large television and a VCR for the basement, so my son and his friends could watch movies down there, instead of taking over the upstairs. These days, I think we'd all best save as much as we can.

Thanks for all of your kind support Helen. I truly do appreciate it.

Cottage Way of Life said...

Helen, your page turned out very nice. I love the teddies. They look so cute saving for a rainy day with their peanut jar. I have a big collection of teddy bears though, so I guess that makes me partial. ;^)

I didn't do the jar page, but after seeing what you and Mrs. Staggs have come up with, it seems to me I need to rethink my attitude and come up with something "jar-ish" I can show next week.


Eileen said...

I've learned to really start looking forward to Wednesdays. Your bear in a jar collage is so creative.
No.. peenies won't get you very far. You'll have to start throwing in a few quarters now and then.