Monday, October 06, 2008

Good morning, Monday...the workday week begins.

The weekend flew by in a flash. We decided to "go digital." When digital services are installed it is a bit of a production. The estimated time allotment is 4-6 hours and our installation took 5 hours on Saturday. It went very smoothly considering that we have a number of computers and televisions here. However, it requires moving furniture to get to wires and some retrofitting of existing wiring. Yesterday we sent the day putting things back where they belong and trying to learn the complexities of the remote control. (Don't you hate remote controls?) So far, so good.

In my case, I had to hold my Yorkie for 5 hours because he dislikes people coming into the house. He weighs less than three and half pounds but my arm was ready to fall off! We did go for several walks and that helped. He was actually pretty good.

Above is painting that I look at quite a lot during the course of every day. It is in our former dining area which is where I relocated my art area. It is also visible from the kitchen area. One of my daughters painted it years ago and it is one of my favorite paintings in the house. It is the first thing I look at when I turn on the lights downstairs in the morning.

This morning I thought, "it's a nice bright sight to start a dark Monday with" and decided to photograph it. (So far, Monday feels like a slow starter.) It is dark in the morning now when we rise at 5:00 a.m. We are up early because my husband commutes.

Enjoy your day and happy Monday!

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Eileen said...

gorgeous painting. That would brighten my day too.
I guess I missed Monday. Is it Tuesday already??? I have no idea what I did yesterday!