Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer into fall...

My summer sprite doll is standing on some autumn leaves. Is she trying to tell me something? When I filled the bird bath this morning, there were yellow leaves from our locust tree on the lawn. We have seen many sugar maples tinged with red as we travel around. The transition to the next season has begun!

I made this doll from the pattern in "Soft Dolls and Animals Magazine" a few months ago. The blank doll was designed by Ike Putney of Pip Emma Creations and doll makers used their imagination to interpret the pattern. I thought she would make a good sprite.

Next week I will try to pop in and out of here. We are officially on vacation but only have short trips planned so far. My dental work ended yesterday. It started in May. We cold have bought a used car or gone to Europe instead. I have spent a considerable amount of time at the dentist and have one more follow-up visit in a few weeks.

Enjoy your day! Enjoy the holiday weekend. Stay safe until we meet here next.

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eileen said...

LOVE the colors on this doll. I've been seeing some of those autumn colors in the leaves here too. Pretty time of year.