Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shaker style.....

Just popping in for a moment today. I was going to use this device when I realized it might make an interesting photo.

What is it?

It's a Shaker Drying rack. It was made by one of the artisans at the Hancock Shaker Village named Cloud Kennedy. She is a wood worker who does demos on site and some of her work is sold in the shop at the Village. She uses tools of the era and replicates Shaker designs. I saw it in the wood shop and was entranced with it and she told me that they could be purchased.

How clever is this? It folds flat perfectly. It is entirely held together with string. By setting this over and/or near a furnace vent, one is able to dry socks and "underthings" and small items rather quickly. Today I am using out on the deck since it a dry and sunny day.

Okay...I am out of here. I am falling behind in all that I want to accomplish this week. My tea break is over! Time to step away from the computer!

Enjoy your day!

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eileen said...

Of course I've seen the old dryer racks, and I even have one. But I have never seen one made in a shape like this.. with strings..? That is a very clever design, and it would sit right on top of my furnace register just perfectly. Thanks for sharing this with us!