Friday, August 22, 2008

If you don't like the weather in New England, wait a minute.

That was true this past weekend. We were in Vermont and the sky was blue and it was in the 80's. Suddenly it began to rain and then hail. The temperature dropped from 83 to 53 within minutes. The hail began to pile up everywhere.

We stopped for lunch and a respite from the driving rain. We had to find our jackets because it was so cold and foggy and we were dressed for a hot summer day.The hail stuck around for an hour or so and then were on our way. Vermont is a breathtaking, mountainous state and every corner has its surprises.

So here we are on Friday again, and I am still thinking about last weekend. One doesn't have to travel very far around here to enjoy different sights.

The other evening we were at a jazz concert in front of the town hall on the green in our town. It is a few blocks from here. I turned to my husband and said, "can you believe we are listening to jazz where George Washington camped?"

(For those who don't know what a green is: it is a grassy area usually in the center of town set aside for common public use. In New England the green is usually surrounded by churches and the town hall. I am not sure if the term green is used elsewhere.)

There are bronze plaques all over our town noting where Washington and his troops camped. There are plaques all over New England with historical references to battlegrounds and encampments. There is one at the end of my street. We look at these things so often that they become familiar.

As the music played, I looked around and wondered what Washington would think of technology, politics, and society now. It was perfect summer night and the music was excellent. Old and young were seated together. We were sitting on a bench next to a couple our age from India and the wife was wearing a beautiful cotton sari. In front of the bandstand little kids were dancing to the jazz. Across from us was an elaborate picnic complete with candles and looking like Martha Stewart had just stepped in. Next to them was a young Asian man in cycling garb and helmet who was bicycling by and stopped to hear the music. It was perfect moment on an old army parade ground.

Enjoy your day. Enjoy your weekend. And carry a sweater and umbrella just in case...

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eileen said...

Wow. That ice laying on the ground there in the middle of August is quite a sight.
Beautiful post. I hope you have the rest of the summer.. and fall.. full of lovely weekends. :-)