Saturday, June 14, 2008

This is the doll bed that I will be making a quilt for. Our late cat Katie is pictured here.

Our Katie passed away after eating tainted cat food last summer. She weighed 18 pounds and was around 15 years old. Katie was the only cat we fed that brand and type of food. She had never had it before and we gave it to her for a was in a pouch and she normally ate dry food. She was a lovely big girl and I miss her.

It is funny how that whole business with the tainted food just faded away much like our beloved pet. Many pet owners reported losses in our state and the vets were overwhelmed with sick animals. Sad.

We still have one older kitty named Molly and she woke me up before dawn this morning because she wanted breakfast. She woke up our Yorkie, too. He only weighs 4 pounds but he has a voracious appetite and was happy enough to get up and eat breakfast, too. Groan. They are now napping and I am wide awake. Good thing I am a morning person.

Anyway, back to the doll bed. Katie claimed it when I was planning to make a quilt before. Now it is cleaned up and awaiting new bedding. Hopefully, I can get to this quilt soon. There are other things "on my plate" for a few weeks.....but at least I can go through my stash and pick out some fabrics.

Enjoy the day and the weekend. Hope you don't have to get up as early as I did.

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eileen said...

That really was terrible about the pet food. She was a beautiful kitty.
You will make a wonderful and creative doll bed quilt.. of that I am sure!