Monday, June 16, 2008

Auction doll club.

We will have a pot luck luncheon and socialize at our last meeting until autumn.. The club is more than 30 years old and they have always enjoyed an auction of doll related items at the June meeting.

In the first photo, you can see most of my donations. I have already posted about the blue bird pin cushion. I have filled a big basket with all things necessary to make at least three cloth dolls., There are two books, three skin tone fabrics, 12 small scale remnants, leather for shoes, yarn for hair, and lots of ribbon. Oh, yes...there is a vintage doll in there, too, from the 30's. Another item is a Hitty book with two fabrics to make Hitty a dress.

I made a paper doll, too. She is decorated with crepe papers, glitter, and a crown. I am donating a few other things, too, that didn't make it into the photo. Most of the members donate just as many items and sometimes there are huge bidding wars!

This is my second term as president. Since I "took office" we have increased membership from 12 to 22. Increasing membership was my goal. The member's ages range from the 40's to 80's and everyone collect different dolls. It is a great way to see what others collect or make. Many people who work outside the home take the day off to come to our meetings. We meet in an elegant historic Victorian mansion.

Must go pack up the Swedish meatballs and get my donations ready to travel. Tonight we are going to an auction house to a "real" auction. Tomorrow my head will be spinning with all I saw today!

Enjoy the day.

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