Friday, May 30, 2008


Can you recognize this? They are all over town here. Some people paint them if they are wooden. Other are quite ornate with fancy carvings at the top. How many towns in large urban areas still have these on how many streets?

You are looking at a hitching post. There are probably about a dozen in a half mile radius from here. They are so commonplace, I doubt that anyone even thinks about what they are. I see them all the time while walking, but the other day I was thinking how far we have come in such a short time from when these were put in place. Also, how sturdy these hitching posts are to have survived intact!

George Washington wandered through my neighborhood, too. There is a plaque at the end of the street about it. There is a cemetery at the other end of that street that was incorporated in 1683. This particular sign was stolen recently so there is a new one there now.

The grave stones are so old there that they are completely worn away. There are Indians buried there, and veterans from the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the much younger wars of our era.

I live in an old mill town with a fancy private school in dozens of other town in New England.

When walking about town, I am reminded of the beautiful architecture and rich history of New England. It is an atmospheric blend of old and new, of anachronisms and Neo-architecture. In the spring and fall it is particularly pretty around town.

The weekend is here again. I think that I may go to the city tomorrow.

Enjoy your day....and your weekend.

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