Saturday, April 19, 2008

"W" is for woodpecker...but also for weekend and the weekend is here. This is another letter from my ATC alphabet with nature images.

What a fast week! It was incredibly warm here yesterday. We still have the furnace on at night but could have used an air conditioner by mid-afternoon.

I spent the day working on a customer's doll that needed repair. This is an interesting doll purchased in the 80's and made from vintage & antique fabrics.

The body is made from bark cloth (probably from the 1940's), the legs from authentic Civil War calico and the head is painted with oils. The use of old fabrics to create a new doll is not always a good idea. The fabric is literally disintegrating and I spent a lot of time reattaching limbs, patching holes, reinforcing seams, etc. She was made to look old and the construction was very primitive but her joints were attached with plastic buttons and she was sewn with polyester thread. I took her photo in a computer chair so you can see how big she is. Truly a great doll and I will miss her sunny presence.

Enjoy your day...and your weekend!

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eileensattic said...

WOW! She looks wonderful. You did a great job on her.