Thursday, April 17, 2008


Last week I was going through my book marks and came across some that were defunct/dead, some that I had never visited, and some that were just so nice that I had to stop and look at some web sites and blogs.

One of those sites was by Christine LeFever. She is a doll maker whose work I have always admired along with artists like Nicol Sayre, Christine Crocker and others. I didn't discover this type of doll or doll making until it was almost too late. When I discovered Folk & Whimsy catalog, it was at the end of publication.

At her web site, I saw a pattern for a doll called a Poppet. I decided to make the doll. But, I made the doll 9 inches tall rather than the size in the pattern. I think she came out quite cute.

While I was looking through Christine's site, I saw that she has a blog.

In her blog, there is a link to an estate sale that she has online. She has some unusual and well priced items. I did make a purchase while I was there. You will enjoy looking around and if you make a purchase, Christine is a delight to buy from.

Now that I made this doll, I must return to the ever-present clutter here and go on with some other projects that need attention. The weather has gone from wicked cold to wicked warm here , so it is finally looking a bit like spring. And that means? Spring cleaning.

Enjoy your day!

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eileensattic said...

Spring Cleaning! Yikes.. I guess that's what I should start doing in the house, but it's so nice outside, I just want to play in the dirt.
Your poppet doll is wonderful. THANKS for sharing that site with the pattern.