Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Raggedy friend

Last year I made this "raggedy friend" to top a gift basket for a friend who is an avid gardener. Instead of a basket, I used a watering can. The little doll was about 6 or 8 inches tall. I needed something pink for a decoration. I often make small dolls as toppers for gifts.

Of course, thoughts turn to gardening when the weather changes. It is still wintry here and nothing is very green yet. But, today it is going to 70 degrees and we will definitely get to see some spring blossoms!

I planted our window boxes with pansies a few weeks ago and they are looking good so far. Funny thing about that: it will go from cold weather to hot weather and the pansies will be over by June. We get extreme heat very early here and it is relentless until mid September. The window boxes will need to be replanted with heat resistant flowers by Memorial Day.

My plans are to take a walk later and see what if anything is blooming. Hoping the forsythia is out as well as tulips and daffodils. The weather forecaster here say that we are 4 weeks behind in spring weather. We are also in for 5 days of wet, cold weather so today might be the only day to see blooms before they get beaten to the ground from heavy rain.

Hope we all see some blossoms today.

Enjoy your day.

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