Friday, April 11, 2008

The weekend is almost here again. We did have the fabulously warm weather yesterday. As I predicted, it went really hot right away. With no leaves on the trees, it made for an extremely warm afternoon. It had been in the 30's in the morning and was over 80, in the afternoon.

The weather prediction is for five days of rain, so I don't think we will see these "uber" warm temperatures right away. I was able to get some raking and trimming done, so I am happy.

Happy weekend...and enjoy your day, rain or shine!


eileensattic said...

tee-hee! It's the little Organ Grinder's monkey! Love him!

Hope your weekend is nice too.

Christine LeFever said...

I agree with Eileen that the little Organ Grinder's monkey is darling. I love the clock too, and I love your website!!!


a painter said...

Thank you both! I have developed a whole line of happy little characters and have been sending them out and about. I always hope they make others happy, too!