Monday, April 28, 2008

M is for mint and also for Monday. The weekend flew by in a blur and here it is Monday all of a sudden. Auction, soccer games, shopping, errands, shoreline, dining just went too fast.

Speaking of shoreline, we stopped to get out take-out clam chowder at our favorite shoreline seafood restaurant. We drove off to to drink its goodness to a beach with a beautiful view. The clam chowder that most Yankees love best doesn't have cream or flour in it or tomatoes. It is clear clam broth, with tiny diced potatoes, onions, celery and chopped clams. Aside from being truly delicious, it is also very low in calories. This clam chowder should have tiny oyster crackers to float in it. Our soup was excellent.

It was incredibly beautiful and peaceful to look out onto Long Island Sound. It looks cold, but it was actually about 60 degrees with a light warm breeze.

This particular stretch of beach is closed to the public from June until October. In the off season, people come here to kayak, walk on the beach, take photos and dine in their vehicles like we did.

There are literally thousands of mansions along the CT coast and this beach has its share of multi-million dollars vacation homes. Some really are the mansions from the days of the robber barons of the past, but many are newly built to look old. They are so skillfully done that they look like they were always there. This is to the credit of planning and zoning boards who frown on disrupting the tranquility of these affluent coastal areas. These are homes that might be used for a week or two throughout the summer.

These tiny parking/viewing areas can be used during the off season, so one can still get a nice view from time to time, if one doesn't own a mansion with a view.

Today it is raining and cool and I am glad. We need to see some spring before we blast into the heat and humidity of summer. The weather has been extreme the past few years. Oh, to be one of those with a mansion on the beach!

Enjoy your day.


eileen said...

Monday is my favorite day of the week. :)
That beach looks lovely. What a wonderful weekend!

eileen said...
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Christine LeFever said...

I would dearly love to see those beautiful mansions on the beach! Thank you for enlightening me as to where I might plan my next REAL vacation!