Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Here's my latest find from a local auction. I bid on and won a box of ornate, embroidered, sequined vintage felt animals. I think I remember these same felts animals from a magazine in the 70's. There are almost 50 of them, with only one duplicate. Although they have magnets glued to the back, I am thinking of attaching ribbon loops to them and hanging them on a Christmas tree next year.

If you look on Etsy or at blogs, you will see a revival of felt animals and things that were quite common in the 50's through the 70's.

Some of the things I see being sold are simple things that I used as craft projects with my kids, Girls Scout troops, or art classes I taught to elementary school kids. If you look on eBay there are Japanese felt books in abundance, known as "cute," a self explanatory craft movement in Japan which has influenced fashion and style.

As for my auction finds, it must have taken a long time to sew on all the sequins and embroider these. Unlike the simple ones being made and sold today, these are more complicated designs. I will try to photograph them in more detail when I get a chance.

I always wonder who made things that I find. Who sat for hours with needle and thread and committed herself/himself to make such a large group of items? It makes me long for slow, lazy days when time seem endless and making things was more for fun and not for profit. However, you might find something like this at church bazaar, a PTA fair, or a craft show.

I won them all for $10. I felt that I had to rescue them and bring them home They have a certain preciousness about them.

It will be "unseasonably warm" today and for a few days, so spring only lasted about three days. The tulips and other plants bloomed for a few days before dropping their petals.

Enjoy you day.

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