Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yesterday, we took a little ride down to the shoreline. There is a lovely little antique store on a river.

I used the opportunity to take a photo of Edie, my travel doll exploring the unknown. She is peeking into a fabulous bird house.

At four inches tall, she is quite brave. She often goes where I wouldn't go. I made her years ago from an Edith Ackley pattern.

So, you say, what is a travel doll?

Travel dolls have been around a long time. Hitty is the ultimate example of a doll who traveled.

One of my favorite doll book acquisitions is Miniature Travelers, by Amy Thomas Golding, Marshall Jones Co, 1956. It chronicles the stories of actual travel dolls who traveled with their owner hundreds of years ago. It is well documented and has amazing photos.

Wherever you travel today...enjoy your day.

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