Thursday, September 17, 2015

Nearly 90 degrees...again!

Summer is hanging in there. It will be close to 90 degrees again today.  The good part is that the humidity is low and the nights cool off.  And summer isn't really over until next week.

There were opportunities for photos everywhere the past few weeks. My own thought is that we won't have a pretty fall.  We are in "moderate drought" conditions in southern New England.  It simply doesn't rain and when it does, it is has just been a light sprinkle and not a soaking rain.

I will let the pictures do the  pictures do the talking
...Mystic, CT...Newport RI 
and other places here in CT


Of course there were creations along the way...mostly done in an air conditioned room!  A few dolls came to stay and a few left the realm. My birthday came and went, we dined in some wonderful restaurants, saw a Van Gogh exhibit in MA, and just think!  Another week of summer left!


Hoping that summer has treated you well!
Looking forward to fall,
as always and until next time,
enjoy the day!


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Simply Shelley said...

Sounds like your summer was grand. The sunflower field is just beautiful. Y'all seem to be having the same temps as we are here in East Texas.....crazy weather patterns. Your little sunshine card is sweet. I must see those dolls that came to stay :) Blessings my friend