Monday, July 13, 2015

Warm and sunny...for the moment!

It is really warm and sunny at the moment. It feels like summer.  We have been to NY state, MA, VT and all around CT.  I will share some photos with you.

That big Vermont sky is always such  a joy to behold. 

Peaceful, quiet, lovely....

Cambridge, New York,
a very special place...

Lunch in Noank , CT,
4th of July
with a water view!

Let's not forget..
 home sweet home..
the deck on the back of the house!

And a few things were made by me...
and swapped

So far, so good.  The weather has had its extremes but it is a far cry from all of that snow of the winter!  Have been contemplating summer. While we all like photos and videos of people having fun, it seems to me that is frequently a season for the young.  My beach days are in the past.  I do miss long summers with kids home in the days before electronic devices...picnic lunches, using the sprinkler to cool off, reading endless novels, trips to Maine and a  big garden that needed attending. 

Home the summer is treating you well..

that fireflies and butterflies come by to visit! 

Until next time,

enjoy the day!


vivian said...

great pics Helen. And I love your sweet creations! you know me, I still love the beach... but not to really play.. just to sit! lol! doesnt look like there will be beach weather this weekend. but thats ok as I have a lot of bears that I should be working on!
have a great day my friend

Simply Shelley said...

As always, such beautiful pictures my friend. Its been getting hot here, the temps are climbing. I am not tolerating the heat well at all these days. Staying inside right in front of the AC and fan. I love what you have been creating. I saved some craft supplies from around the house, such as tuna and sardine cans, toilet paper roller tubes, etc. meaning to make something with them, then just the other day threw them all in the trash. Can't seem to get any motivation, but seeing your sweet things makes me want to kick myself ;) I'm glad you are getting out and about, seeing your beautiful surroundings. Thank you for sharing the adventure with us. Be blessed and thank you for being so faithful to visit me.

l.wilks11 said...

Hi your summer seems as hot as ours over here. I think i must be getting old as i can't seem to tolerate this muggy heat we are having. I can't even focus on my craft work , roll on the cooler weather. Love your photos...xx