Thursday, January 02, 2014

Edie's gifts...

Finding gifts for Edie is always a challenge.  She is only four inches tall.  She likes all toys but vintage play things best of all.

We went to the Antique Store in Greenville, Rhode Island.   It was very festive inside and out.  It's so much fun to look around!

I spotted some lovely play things I knew she would like.  They called to me from the shelf even though I tried to walk away.   It seemed frivolous to bring home toys to Edie but I caved in since she needed a Christmas gift.
After all that looking around, that we needed lunch and soon found ourselves on Federal Hill in Providence.  This is definitely restaurant row!  We finally settled on Mexican food since we had been eating a lot of Italian food recently.

Edie couldn't wait to see her toys when we got home.  She loves them and has rearranged her little wooden village endlessly.

She also inspected the Annalee Crocodile ( 2004 edition and a character from Peter Pan) who came home with us, too, for no good reason.... except he was six dollars and very cute.  He is not dangerous at all.

So glad we traveled when the roads were dry!  Our first BIG STORM of 2014, on the way! We could see a foot of snow and wind chill factors well below zero.  Brr!

Stay warm if you are in a cold weather zone...

and as always,

enjoy the day!


Simply Shelley said...

Sounds like that was a great out and about day for you two....did Edie go with you? I think she is happy with your choice of a gift for her,and as well she should be....that tiny village is adorable. I am going to post soon on whats been going on with my Hitty Jane and her friends. I have been collecting little things for a doll house for her one day :) Stay warm friend...that really sounds like a whopper of a storm headed your way....blessings

AuntLou said...

Nice find! :)

Dawn said...

Sara likes the idea of Edie getting gifts and thinks that I should do the same for her, preferably at all major holidays. Edie's blocks are great. I can see why you couldn't leave them there on the shelf.