Thursday, October 03, 2013

Blue skies...

As extreme and erratic as weather can be in Southern New England, I must admit we have had blue skies, warm days and cool nights...for weeks..and it is extremely wonderful!

This past weekend we spent some time on the Rhode Island shoreline.  Here are photos from Narragansett, Point Judith, and Misquamicut.

Please note...there is goldenrod growing on the side of a cliff (in the first photo) will grow anywhere!  The ragweed has been really terrible this year, too. Hay fever time!

Meanwhile, good weather has made me feel are just a few things I made from paper, glue and stuff that was around here. The box was a box that checks were mailed in and the birds are paper. I keep my stash of stuff organized and labeled so I can actually find it when I need our very small home.  I was delighted to find my Halloween and make something for a swap with my artistic friend. is true...Halloween is this month!  I wonder if it will still be warm a few weeks from now or will it be cold or snow as it has done on the past?

Some of you are so good at decorating. (I know because I visited your blogs.) I actually give away or sell everything I make but  the things I make or paint are on display around here anyway till they find their homes so it is a form of decoration in its way.

Are you enjoying October?  It could be be difficult  because the world is a complicated place and filled with problems...but it is the month where leaves change color here...and just might be my favorite month in New England.

Until the next time,

enjoy the day!


Anne said...

We are big fans of New England and I envy you this coming month for the beautiful colours. I cant wait to see your photos!

Simply Shelley said...

We don't have all the beauty of Autumn as you do in New England, but I do love Autumn here in our piney woods in East Texas...I saw the prettiest bright orange Sumac bush while out and about the other day....we have some bright red leaves on trees as well, but they are few and far between :) Mostly deep browns and mellow yellows...we have a cold front expected to arrive today bringing some cooler temps...I am so looking forward to that. Yes, Jaxon is a bright spot in my I keep him a few hours in the morning for my daughter the nurse. My other daughter, the neighbor daughter ,keeps him the rest of the day. He is the baby of all my grands, Blessings dear friend
I love your cute. I have the little drawing " Be Happy " you sent me on my dresser mirror... as a reminder :)

Susan @ Downeast Thunder Farm said...

Beautiful pictures of Rhode Island, Helen!

paris parfait said...

Great photo with the lighthouse and blue skies and puffy clouds! Looks like a lovely time to visit.