Thursday, September 19, 2013

Only a second or two...

Hello, peeps!  Just here for a second or two. Haven't disappeared, haven't forgotten about my blog, nor run out of subject matter and photos.   I have been busy with one thing or another and have not taken the time I should.

One day I entered out hallway and it looked like there was fire in our aquarium! The light undulated and wavered and was (apparently) was caused by a beam of light in the stairwell behind it. It was so magical that I was mesmerized by it...and that is exactly why I lose so much time. EASILY distracted!  

It only happened once so I hardly use that as an excuse, can I?  Fact is I have been out and about a lot and also suffering from hay-fever/allergies.   My mind has been mushy and antihistamines work great but make a person lethargic!

Still drawing every day and filled a bunch of notebooks with small drawings.  Sometimes there are more than one per day and I don't put them all online. But it has been fun and I use the art in other projects and places.

I am not prone to discussing religion and/or politics here...there are plenty of other places for that. (My own personal beliefs will remain personal and private.) I do however like a metta prayer that I think can be used by anybody of any faith--or no faith-- when a little meditation feels good, although it has its roots in Buddhism. It is about the cultivation loving kindness. I made up a little card that I use for myself and will share with you here.   I keep it near where I work and it is like a soothing cup of tea sometimes.

We have had extreme day 94, the next night 49!  But in general the weather is beautiful!  What a year for flowers and shrubs!  I will  have to overlook the pollen and focus on the beauty. I think this is the prettiest September I have seen in decades.  I have pictures to prove it and will show them soon...I promise!

How is your September?  Wish you could come by for a "cuppa tea or coffee" and see the Carolin wren, finches, sparrow, woodpeckers and other small birds at our deck feeder...not to mention the ever present and goofy squirrels!

 As always...

enjoy the day!


vivian said...

We've had beautiful weather here this week. I hope it lasts into this weekend. a beautiful september for sure.
Im hoping to get to do some halloween crafting this weekend.. going to clean my craft room this morning and do some quick chores around the house so that I can dig in as soon as I get home from work today!!
have a great weekend Helen.

Simply Shelley said...

A beautiful prayer you have shared sweet friend. With my faith in Christ and his word, I had to think of the burning bush when I saw the picture of the fire in your aquarium, Exodus 3 :) I would love to stop by for a cuppa tea or coffee...alas, I live to far away.

Blessings on your weekend...we are getting some much needed rain here in my neck of the woods a true blessing.

Anne said...

That is a lovely prayer and one anyone could use too.

l.wilks11 said...

Love your little prayer and as for that cup of tea! Yes Please. That will be lovely, white with no sugar....xx

Beth said...

Thank you so much for sharing your prayer; like you it is full of loving kindness.

Our weather has swung from hot to cold and back again, and very dry until yesterday. Blessed rain has been falling, and tomorrow promises to be cool and sweet.

May your September continue to be a joy!


paris parfait said...

Love the kindness missive. And like you, I suffer from nasal allergies and am distracted easily! I like to think of it as having the ability to focus on one particular thing, to the exclusion of everything else. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)