Thursday, July 11, 2013

A quick hello...

Greetings from hot and steamy Connecticut!  We have had 4 small tornadoes here since July 1. Nobody hurt  (thank goodness) but lots of damage and ancient trees falling over.

We were traveling around Massachusetts the other day and stopped into a fabric store that I like very much. It has a wonderful ambiance and feels like fabric stores of yore. I purchased a some fat quarters and a long quarter. How delightful to see how it was bagged.  Look at this:  a charming fabric bag! When I exclaimed delight, the salesperson said, "to let the fabric breathe."

What remains of the Quoketaug Hill house built by Elias Brown in Old Mystic Village, CT, is a ghost of times gone by and always makes me stop and look. Once a palatial summer home it was ravaged by fire in 1924 and has basically stayed like this ever since.  It is so beautiful just as it stands...

Bike racks are appearing everywhere these days and that's so great to see.  Even downtown Mystic has provided bikers with stands...near one of my favorite bookstores in the world. 

Meanwhile I have to say that I am rather perturbed. My phone is no longer a phone!  I caved in and upgraded my flip phone to a smartphone.  It is fantastic except it is not exactly a is a computer... that is now attached to the end of my arm.  Welcome to the world of texting.  What was I thinking? And to make my life just a tad more complicated, I chose an android phone when I have been using an iPad for years and have to learn new navigation. Technology is great but it is not necessarily universal in how it works.

Making LOTS of art and art projects.  Thankfully, staying cool and creative with the help of air conditioning.  How is your summer going?  Are you having extreme weather? Ah, to be young again and enjoy the summer with abandon!

As always,

stay cool...

enjoy the day!


l.wilks11 said...

Like you we are experiencing a heat wave here in England, its so nice to be able to have all the windows and doors open for a change.
Nice packaging for the fat quarters! good way to tempt you to buy.
Love the art work at the end of your post.....xx

Simply Shelley said...

I always enjoy my visits here. You visit the most interesting places. I love pretty material,just need to learn to do something with it :) I wanted to thank you so very much for your prayers and concern. All is well,and God is faithful.....blessings friend

Lee Prairie Designs said...

As always I enjoy visiting you Helen. Your posts are so interesting and inspiring.

I lost some of my contacts and your was one of them :(!!!! Could you please email me your e-address.

Thanks, :) Carolyn

Beth said...

Hi Helen, its good to talk to you again :-) So, you've entered the tech age, with a computer at the end of your arm! I'm still resisting, but when my flip phone finally dies, the only alternative will be smartphones.

Our city is also taking bicycling seriously, with many miles of bike lanes and trails added, and bike racks popping up like mushrooms around town. We even have one at our library branch that spells out BOOKS :-)

Take care, and keep out of the way of those tornados.