Thursday, April 11, 2013

Doll talk...

This past week I was sad to learn that yet another cloth doll maker, Barbara Graff, has passed away.  Barbara will be missed...she was great doll and pattern maker. I met her several times and have a few of her dolls in my collection and also made dolls from her patterns.

Barbara made the two little dolls on the right and I made the fairy on the left from one of her patterns.

Years ago I made a mermaid from one of her patterns. She is about 6 inches long and lives in this glass box.

Edie wanted me to mention that she and her friends have a new doll house which I found in an antique store in Rhode Island over the weekend.  Edie is 4 inches tall so the doll house is very small and has the cutest furniture!

As for this guy below, what can I say? He looks a bit like a gnome but he isn't.  Can you guess what he is?   I will live you a hint:  his tag reads " Made in the Republic of Ireland."

He needs some shoe or boots but I do like him with bare feet.  I am not sure of his age but he is made of hefty vinyl and is 13 inches tall. 

Dolls still do show up here from time to time.  Next week I have other dolls to show you. I am waiting for one to arrive by mail and another I am going to give  to someone and will wait until it is given away.

The beginning of this week brought us 80 degree summer...a bit TOO warm.  Still, everything is turning green and it is feeling more like winter is over.  Even the dolls are ready to go outdoors and play.

Keep your eyes out!  For?  Leprechauns, gnomes, sprites, pixies... and other "little folk" who just might appear in your garden or while out on a spring walk in the woods.  They are known to love spring! always,

enjoy the day!


Simply Shelley said...

I didn't know of this dollmaker you mentioned,but I am sad she has passed. I am glad you have some of her cute dolls to remember her by. I just love that sweet tiny dollhouse,and I see your girls are thrilled with it :) We had 90 degree weather the day before yesterday,then a cold front moved in and back in the 40's-70's,but so is typical weather for Texas. Can't wait to see your other dolls. Blessings friend

l.wilks11 said...

What a shame to loose such a talented doll maker. Those little dolls are so cute. I did a post on my dolls house earlier this year. I love to collect small things now as they don't take up much room.....xx

Dawn said...

Sad to hear of a dollmaker passing.

Nice to see Edie and her friends. What a cute little dollhouse you found them.

paris parfait said...

So sad about your friend the dollmaker! But her memory lives on, not only through her family and friends, but her wonderful dolls!

Every time I visit here, I am astonished by how many dolls you have! Where do you put them all? :)