Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hearts and Greetings...

Still have a lot of snow here! The schools have not reopened yet but here have been improvements of sorts. Now all roads are EMS (Emergency Medical Services) accessible although many are open just one narrow lane. It is still difficult to comprehend how much snow fell. It is officially 35 inches here but the drifts and snow piles are amazing because ewe had gale force winds with the snow.

It's nearly Valentine's Day. We are starting to receive mail again and that's good. But, I think retailers are in for yet another disappointing holiday since many people are still snowed in. 

Best to wrap up in hearts...

send our love ...

think of love ...

through cyberspace!

As for moi, I cannot say that I have cabin fever or am bored. There is always something to do or create and my days have been very comfy. I do worry about people driving or walking on the road since the roads are still hazardous. Sidewalks have not been cleared for the most part and walking in the street is hazardous. Getting out of a driveway is scary since one cannot see past the walls of curbside snow.

And for Valentine's Day? Snow is predicted!   Not a big storm...just a few inches.  With sewer drains covered and no place for snow to go or melt, let us hope this will be the beginning of the end of snow season and that longer days with sun turn into spring soon!

As always,

enjoy the day,


Happy Valentine's Day!


Simply Shelley said...

So very much snow...I don't know how I would feel about that! I get excited over just the little we get sometime,but all that snow like y'all are having...would be a bit overwhelming I'm sure. Love your dolls and the sweet drawings...have a blessed Valentines day friend....blessings

paris parfait said...

Incredible how much snow - and everything else - you've been coping with lately! I'm sure you're looking forward to spring. Enjoy your Valentine's Day! Adorable dolls and quilt of hearts!

Beth said...

Helen, I'm so glad you are safe and snug. Your Bleuettes are so very dear; the perfect harbingers of Valentines Day :-) May your V-day be filled with sweetness and love!


Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Hope you had a wonderful romantic Valentine's day:)
Do you still have a lot of snow?