Monday, January 28, 2013

In love with winter...

Some people hate winter. I actually like it... although I do not like treacherous driving conditions or storms that take out the power when they knock down trees. On a clear winter day, one can truly see forever...nature at its starkest best.

A place we like in the winter is the Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts. The beauty is abundant in every season! Whitcomb's summit is breathtaking!

 Coming down the mountain is an exciting 
 and circuitous trip.
The tree is straight 
but the river and the road
 are winding...

Then there is the Hairpin turn outside of North Adams where these icicles never fail to amaze me glistening in the winter sun.

Something new 
has been added to the view...

Anyone who reads this blog know about my affection for the Belted Galloway and I can spot them from a distance.

Back up, please...I need a better view!



And then there was this "sort of a Beltie" down the road. The markings are amiss...a white head!  Nevertheless, a proud bovine who seemed to want to pose! (Notice they are wearing thick winter coats.)

Today we are experiencing hazardous weather conditions later in the day (the winter I don't like!) and then really unseasonable warm temps mid-week.  That is New England...always unpredictable.

Hope you had a nice weekend.  Wish it had lasted a little longer!  

Happy Monday!

Enjoy the Day!

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Beth said...

Beautiful pictures Helen. Stay safe.