Friday, January 11, 2013

A time for dolls...

It is time to introduce a new doll in the family of dolls that live here.  He is the highlight of my Christmas season... so special, so charming that I didn't even share him until now.

Do you know, Bambi?  We all know the Walt Disney version and the books that followed.  Did you know that there is an original book?

Let me introduce you to Bastian
....reading Bambi.  

This sweet fellow was made by Helen Priem of Pip's Poppies.  Helen is an accomplished painter as well as an accomplished doll artist and needle felt artist

Oddly enough, it wasn't through these things that I love that I have grown to know Helen. It's through her bull terrier, Pinky.   For some reason, I found Pinky's photo online and have never stopped looking at dear Pinky ...especially since her likeness resides with me, too. I never knew much about this wonderful breed and am smitten. Pinky is a well loved dog! People all over the world love Pinky...she is a special girl/dog.

Back to my my new doll! This little fellow, Bastian, has been following me around for weeks moving from room to room and never out of sight. Another friend gave me an old rocking chair and he found it.  He likes to sit and read his book in it.

In fact, Bastian is sitting near me by the fireplace as I compose this blog.  He is so very special. I pick him up frequently and he actually stands by himself.  (He is proud of that!)  Helen truly is a superb doll maker...his expression is priceless.  This is where the art of painting meets the art of doll making and the result is really more than one could hope for! 

So, I didn't forget about dolls.  I will try to post them from time to time. There are some others here that want "face time" on the blog. They have their adventures and keep me sense of whimsy has not vanished.  In this trouble world, dolls seem frivolous, but they also can bring a sense of childhood, wonder and imagination into one's life. Bastian stole my heart!

Hope you still have some wonder

 in your life, is important!

as always,

enjoy the day!


Helen Priem said...

I have this smile on my face EAR TO EAR ! When I make dolls and things ;-)the making is a joy and when someone loves my creations it adds so much more !!!
Helen XXX

Simply Shelley said...

I think he has stole my heart as well...cute..cute. I know he will love living there with you and all the other dolls.....That little rocker fit him perfectly....blessings friend.

Beth said...

Bastian is a precious work of art and heart. In this weary world, dolls are not frivolous; they are ambassadors of gentle joy. Surely Bastian is :-)

Give Bastian a hug for me, Helen...and a hug for you too!


April said...

I am so happy you have Bastian. We always thought he was extra special. He could not have a better home (Or name) in this world. This is a troubled time..a sad world. Thank goodness for our dolls and Make Believe and hope.