Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy to say...

After so much bizarre (and unreasonable)  weather, I am happy to report it returned to summer for a few days here.  This gave that foot of snow we had a chance to melt. It also gave me the chance to wear summer clothes for a day or two as the temperatures rose to almost 70 degrees Fahrenheit!

We traveled down my the shore where great progress has been made in the clean up after the hurricane.

 Mystic Seaport was back to its normal peaceful looking state...

 Unfortunately, there used to be a lovely large 
 dock here in Noank, CT, but it is gone....


 Down in Saybrook,  we passed by a window
that needed a second look...


 Will have to check it out sometime
when it is open...

Speaking of miniatures...a few weeks ago I went to a doll show and came home some very small items...the golliwog is only 3 inches tall and the felt Christmas stocking is 5 inches long. The wonderful bear is made from mohair and is on wheels and just stands about 4 inches tall.

Bet you think I forgot about dolls...but I didn't! I just forget to photograph them.

The weekend is upon us!  But next weekend is Thanksgiving weekend.  Christmas is not very far after that.  The world spins on with problems and wonder...and the seasons pass rather quickly these days.  

As always,

have a safe and happy weekend,

and as always,

enjoy the day!


l.wilks11 said...

Glad things seem to be settling down for you. As we say here in England Onwards and Upwards.
Love that little golly, so cute!!......xx

Shelley said...

I always love seeing pictures of your adventures...I love the sea and find such peace in it,but alas...I don't get to be near it often :) Your sweet little finds are adorable...blessings dear friend.

AngelMc said...

I love seeing your pictures. Does you husband go with you into you favorite stores?
And if he does, is he patient?
David will sometimes go with me, but I'm always thinking he's patting his foot, even when he isn't.
Hope your weekend is great.