Thursday, September 06, 2012

Into the fall...

School has started here and Labor Day has come and gone. (Wishing that fall weather had arrived... but it hasn't.) It's humid and warm and the a/c is on...unheard of in September here and very warm for kids back to school.

We had one cooler day over
 the weekend so we started out from home 
 in good weather for Vermont...
the front of our home
wearing its summer clothes!

We visited many places but one was the
 Vermont Country Store in Weston.

The store was very busy 
but I waited for a quiet moment 
to take this photo
because I respect the fact 
not everyone wants to be photographed
and on display.

 Candy anyone? 
 Oh, the pumpkin fudge is good! 
We sampled cheese and crackers...
dips and chips...
and tiny delicious cookies!

We indulged in maple ice cream 
before we left the store.
The Hoosier  makes a 
fabulous addition to 
outdoor dining areas!


 The next day we were in NY state...and northern CT.
It was warmer than the previous day
but sill quite lovely!

On one quiet town green
this polka dotted car was parked in front 
of an old building. Have no idea why...
but it was quite a contrast.

Now it is time for another weekend but it also the beginning of soccer season for our grands.  We will travel to the games but not at such a leisurely pace. We love fall and winter in New England so we are looking forward to these games and being outdoors.

Are you having a good week?  I am looking forward to the fall more than ever after such a hot summer.  Ready to stop eating summer food and start making soup...I put away my white Capris and pants...I am old fashioned that way.

Still need sandals and shorts though...for now!  Wishing you a happy weekend. As always,

enjoy the day!


Lee Prairie Designs said...

ME TOO and all of above!

Love the pictures of all the geat shops...Oh, would I love to visit New England some day!

Hugs, Carolyn

Helen Priem said...

Helen, you live in a beautiful place ! While reading this it suddenly reminded me of Cheese-crackers :-( Better late then never, you will get them :-)

Helen Priem said...

Helen you live in such a beautiful place ! While reading this it suddenly reminded me of CHEESE_CRACKERS !
You will get them !!

Shelley said...

I would love to visit that it the same store that sends out catalogs? We have had some very hot days the past week..over 100,but woke up to this morning in the low 60' felt wonderful good. I hope they are here to stay for a while. I would love to browse through some flea markets in this kind of weather...I do believe Autumn is my very favorite season of all! I love the shutters in your window,and the flowers are so pretty....blessings dear Helen.