Monday, June 25, 2012

Here comes the sun, sort of...

A violent thunderstorm swooshed through CT  during rush hour this morning. The sky was dark like night and thunder and lightning made stellar guest appearances.

Now that it is said and done...leaving behind havoc in certain areas...the sun is trying to say hello.  I was just out on the deck for a moment.

The butterfly weed is okay though kind of slumped over.  That heatwave last week made everything grow and grow! This is the same butterfly weed from our great butterfly weed caper when we "took" one from an abandoned building lot.  (That lot is paved over now so we feel much better having saved it rather than stolen it!)

Wildlife is abundant...notice we have a flamingo AND a woodpecker behind it. All kidding aside, it has been a great week for birdwatching. A brilliant yellow flash in the birdbath turned out to be an oriole. Purple finches, a pair of ladder-backed woodpeckers and and a Carolina wren lurked around for seed in the feeders.

A little bit of oregano goes a long way but this lush green stuff just keeps growing and growing...AND GROWING!

Looking up through the umbrella (which is also under a canopy) reminded me THAT there is color and pattern everywhere. Our deck is one story up in the back yard but our front yard is on street level a few feet from the sidewalk. It's like two different worlds. The backyard looks like the suburbs but the front is city sidewalk!

The weekend went too, too fast. A few rides into the country, lunch in a quaint Mexican restaurant, shopping at outlets...and poof...the weekend was gone!

 Hope it is not stormy where you live...unless you need rain...then let it storm!  As always,

enjoy the day!

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