Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A charming idea...

This past weekend we were out and about enjoying some early summer weather.  We went to an antique fair and saw so many wonderful things my head is still spinning. We didn't purchase anything but we enjoyed the show so much we went to it two days in a row.

On our way home on the second day we stopped into one of our favorite haunts for antiques. Antiques on the Farmington is located in an old mill building in Collinsville, CT, and chocked full of vintage and antique goodies.

I could not help but notice the entry way was decorated. It's a nice idea!  How about around an entryway to your home?  How about a wedding trellis?  Or as a bower over a niche or fireplace? 

Here is a close up.  Those little birdhouses are available in craft stores ready to be painted.  Branches can be from any tree but you have to admit that these birch branches are wonderful! The planters that the branches are are planted with lobelia and other flowers.

It just felt magical walking through the entry way
... a charming & creative touch!

We are having a lot of rain here. I love rain so I don't mind at all.  Summer often starts out rainy and ends up dry and dusty by August. Right now, it is like sparkling green emeralds out side the window.

As usual, time is passing so quickly. Wasn't it just a cold windy winter not long ago?

What do you think about your summer so far?   Are you planning anything special or just enjoying it day to day?  For some readers it is winter.  I hope your winter--or summer--is going well!

As always,

 enjoy the day!


The Imperfectionist said...

Love it! I need to share a photo with you of a beautiful wedding bower from up in Maine. You'd love it, I think!

Beth said...

A delightful archway :-)

Our summer has been dry, dry, dry! We water the median flowers every other day. It is great for planning bike rides, but right now some of your emerald green sparkles would be very welcome.