Friday, May 04, 2012


After a very long time without rain, we have had several days of it. If April felt like August, May feels like April!   The weather is so topsy-turvey,

Edie  has taken up birdwatching since going outdoors in the rain is not good for little cloth dolls--or any dolls, really.  (I was thinking that Edie must be about 14 years old now but she hasn't really grown very much.  I have made dozens of these small dolls over the years and Edie will always be my favorite.)

Despite the rain, it is wonderful to see green leaves out the window!  A few years ago we planted a locust tree in the back yard and named her Laura.  We planted one curbside in the front of our house we named Lenny.   Laura and Lenny are making lacy new leaves daily and growing rapidly.  The birds hang out in Laura and go back and forth to the feeder all day. Lenny shades the house in the morning when the sun is so hot in the summer.  Edie sits under Laura sometimes but I have to be careful she is not carried away. Our yard is full of birds including the type that carry off small objects.

Weekend almost here! The weather will be nice over the weekend.  We have soccer games outdoors and lots of errands to do. How about you?  Any plans? Next week is Brimfield I am hoping for good weather while hunting for antique treasure.

Happy weekend, and as always.

enjoy the day!


Dawn said...

Great to see Edie! She will always be my favorite, too. I hope some of your rain finds it's way down here. We are super dry.

Shelley said...

Such a wonderful post...I love the fact you named your trees :) I can see why Edie would be a favorite doll. I love dolls so much...they just make my life more fun and having one small enough to carry tucked away in a purse or bag is a fun idea. I used to carry a little Kewpie in my purse!I have a tiny Patsy...I think she needs some adventure...maybe I will pack her for a while. Blessings dear friend...enjoy your weekend.

AngelMc said...

Tell Edie hello for me. I have missed her. I am back!! Will be posting more now.