Friday, March 23, 2012

More little things...

Here are some little things...though they aren't made of paper.  They have all drifted in here and have been begging for a photo op.

This little Teddy bear is vintage and only around 6 inches tall.  He was made from scraps and has a shirt made out of floral feed sack.  I wonder what stories he could tell?  He looks well loved.  I can imagine someone making him as a special gift for a child.


As you can below, there is a tiny matchbook filled with animals and fencing to keep them in. There is a carved squirrel and a miniature rabbit on wheels.  The tallest is about an inch tall.

This little mouse is 4 inches tall and is made from felt and fabric. She is really a Christmas ornament, but I think she looks great on a stand and definitely has a high cuteness factor.

This darling mushroom lives under a glass dome and was a gift from a friend.  He is only a few inches tall and made by Heidi Kenney of My Paper Crane.   The wonderful teensy tiny mushrooms and house in a thimble are by Pixie Hill made by Nichola Battilana.  If you visit these artists, I know you will like their work.

Cute little  terrier is made from a chenille pipe cleaner.  He is less than 3 inches tall and as cute as can be. These figures can be from the 50's or 60's or even earlier. As you may or may not know, many artists use pipe cleaners in their work today.

There are other little things around here but they will have to wait.  These need to go back to their shelves and enjoy their own notoriety for a while and give up the space where they have been so patiently waiting!

The weekend is here and the weather continues to be summer like. Today there is less smog and humidity. Very strange for March to be speaking of such summery things!

As always,

happy weekend 


enjoy the day!


Helen Priem said...

I so love all of those little treasures, I think if I visit your house it would be a similar experience as visiting the Louvre, it would take days and days to see it all and another week to recover from all the pretties !

Shelley said...

Such sweet little treasures..I love them all...thanks for sharing them with us...have a wonderful weekend.