Thursday, December 29, 2011

In between shopping and celebrating...

We managed to do just a little traveling in between shopping and celebrating...

The day before Christmas was cool, crisp and sunny so we decided to take a ride to Mystic, CT, and just enjoy the day and look for last minute gifts.  After lunch at Mystic Pizza, we shopped the Main Street.

The windows were wonderful as usual....

This is my very favorite store in Mystic... 

After Christmas we took another leisurely trip to Millerton, NY which is on the CT border.

  The windows there were also enchanting.

These antique monkeys were 
so wonderful to see them in the windows.

What could be more charming 
than "theatre des amis" in this window?

More of our day tripping to follow in future posts. That's enough for now!

Christmas comes and goes so quickly.  Planning, shopping, creating, entertaining, takes weeks to plan and goes by in a flash!  We had such a special day with just didn't last long enough. Hope that your holiday was happy, too!

As always,

enjoy the day!


Nancy said...

It does go by in a flash! The best to you and all at Martha and Jane for the New Year!

AngelMc said...

Happy New Year my sweet friend. Give Edie and Hank a little hug from me and the puppybabies.

Plushpussycat said...

Happy new year, Dollz and thingz! :-) Jennifer

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Oh mu gosh the shops you have visited! Oh what fun I would have if you could have been my tour guide! Maybe someday!

Best wishes in 2012 to you dear friend!

xxxxx Carolyn