Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting closer...

As Christmas approaches, I find myself with just a few things left to do...because our celebrating is on a very small scale and very New England-like.

As I age, I realize that I am a serious Yankee with serious Yankee ways.  Glamor eludes me no matter how I try...simple is always better than complicated...using stuff until it wears out is ingrained in me...cold weather suits me better than hot weather. A gray day is as fine to me as a sunny one...winter has its own beauty.

Christmas is celebrated many ways these days in our part of the country. We can not underestimate the kindness of Christmas and its effect on people.

Where I live we are culturally very rich. There never was a "war on Christmas." In fact, there are so many churches in town, it would make one wonder why people don't get along better all year.  There are storefront churches, many stately old Protestant Churches as well as four Roman Catholic churches. (There is also a synagogue on my street...this is a town that has many houses of worship.)

I have noticed over the years the holiday magic in definitely in the air in our neighborhood.   If it snows, it becomes even more magical...but even when it doesn't, there is a lot of thoughtfulness in the air as well!

My Muslim neighbors will wish us a Happy Christmas...and compliment us on our lights and wreath. My sweet neighbor from Mexico will bring me fresh flowers and her Polish husband will shout "what a wonderful day" whenever we see him.

We have several college professors who live in this modest neighborhood and one will bake us something yummy for helping her with snow removal. The retired Baptist minister two doors away will bring us fresh baked bread that he yummy that we eat a slice while it is still warm!

It's a good the old part of town.  It's good to celebrate this way. It is very good to get along with people...and that is true celebration to me.

The spirit of Christmas wraps itself around a dreary world and for a little while we can all feel the magic no matter our faith or culture.

As always,

enjoy the day!


Helen Priem said...

This warms my heart Helen !

Shelley said...

Such a lovely post and a very lovely neighborhood indeed...thanks for all your kind words and your visit to my humble home...blessings

April said...

What lovely words...that is the way Christmas SHOULD BE!!!!

l.wilks11 said...

What a great way to spend Christmas. Such a diverse of cultures and religions all sharing the same in a loving and caring way........xx