Friday, November 18, 2011

Turning colder...

The past few days have been cooler and it is really feeling very much like autumn. Brrrr! The week flew by in a blur and my usual photo ops were fewer and far between. Still, how could I resist stopping for this building?

We have been passing this little scene for many, many years.  It is on the edge of a weir and is charming in every season.  Behind it, up the hill is a huge old mansion.  This building was probably built there many years ago for the owners to enjoy.  They are looking from their house on the hill to this bucolic and beautiful scene.

From whatever angle you view this spot, it is incredibly beautiful!

I have imagined this building as studio where one could create and hear the water nearby and view the natural beauty of the nearby pond and woods.

 Perhaps is was once a guest house...

Or maybe it housed a water wheel...

Imagine it in spring and summer...or when the pond is frozen in winter. What a magical place!


Speaking of magical, this coming week is the beginning of the holiday season.  Much to my amazement, I was able to finish a project related to the holidays and have it reach delivery already.  

Despite that, I find myself here with a steno pad in front of me.  When I have lots to do, I make lists in steno pads.  (My guess is that there are those who probably don't even know what a steno pad is or what a stenography is/was.  One of these days, they will probably stop making them. I never learned stenography but it is family trait to use a steno pad...)

So, what is on your list of things to do?

As always,

enjoy the day!


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Oh my what an intriguing hidaway. We Could do some serious relaxing and creative work in a cottage like this! No wonder this stopped you in your tracks. LOVELY!

Thanks for sharing.

Also thank you for visiting my post and leaving your sweet thoughts.

Carolyn :)

April said...

Maybe that magical cottage could be a Tearoom!!! WE could all meet there and take a brisk walk around the lovely scenery.Then we could remove our scarves and coats and sit down for a delicious Cream Tea! Candles going, the tea cozy keeping the pot hot, laughing and great conversation!
My Biggest Christmas project, for a DEAR Friend, was mailed off today- Whew! Hopefully it will reach her safely and soon!

Helen Priem said...

What a dream, to be in such a house meeting you all, having fun, fill it with whimsical creations, eating delicious pumpkin pies, drinking hot chocolate by a fire. . . . .

Shelley said...

Thanks for sharing such an enchanting
cottage....I could live there and be very happy and you could come for a visit and have tea :) Blessings

Lena said...

I would love a studio like that! Oh my, wouldn't that be lovely?

Oh goodness, on my list this go around, is simply to be organized and ready for Christmas in time t sit down and enjoy the magic. I'm hoping to do a little more Christmas crafting this year. It is something I'm longing for.


Beth said...

What a delightful spot; it is always such a pleasure to come here and read your gentle posts.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and a joy filled Holiday season.