Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday...

What I want for Christmas: less hate, more peace, good health to all, prosperity to everyone (not just a few percent), food for the hungry, & medical care for those who need it but cannot afford it. They don't sell this kind of gift on Black Friday in any store!! 
 Shooting and 
pepper spraying sad. 

Hope you are having 
a sane and 
peaceful weekend.


l.wilks11 said...

What beautiful words.......xx

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Yes I am having a lovely weekend....decorating the house with fun trimings,old treasures and listening to beautiful music!

No shopping for me!

Carolyn xxxxx too!

Beth said...

I would love to see your gift list become a reality.

I am also having a lovely weekend. No Black Friday shopping for me; rather, a White Friday knit doll pattern to share :-)


Shelley said...

So sad indeed...A wonderful Christmas your sweet drawings....blessings