Friday, October 28, 2011

A trick...not a treat!

Can it be?   

Is it time for Halloween? 

  Seems to be true...

The frost is finally on the pumpkin and we are getting a trick instead of a treat in Southern New England.  There is a prediction for 4 to 6 inches of snow on Saturday.  

Good-bye flowers still blooming...good-bye herb garden...signs of winter are here.

Hopefully, it will be melted when the trick or treaters come around on Monday night...

Hope you have a good weekend

...and as always,

enjoy the day!


Shelley said...

My....snow on Halloween...seems so strange to me but,I live in Texas you know :) Hope your Halloween is fun and safe....blessings
Love the cute.

l.wilks11 said...

Our weather here in England is more like spring rather than Autumn, but i expect we will suffer the cold weather sooner or later. Happy Halloween.....xx

Beth said...

Dear Helen, I surely hope and pray that you have weathered the Halloween snowstorm where you are. I cannot believe that the East Coast is once again buried in October!

Be safe,


Lee Prairie Designs said...

I hope you don't get the snoe either! But I think you got it!

Happy Boo and Scare day!

Carolyn :)

AngelMc said...

Oh Helen, I have thought about you all weekend.
This morning on Fox and Friends they were discussing New England...and I worried even more.
I hope you and your family are okay.
Please blog as soon as you can...
In the 50s here in MS....