Monday, October 24, 2011

Monkey business...

This little monkey came home with me yesterday to join some of the others little  monkeys that live here.  You can see some of her friends here.  She was made by artist, Judith Eppolito, from mohair and wool felt. She has pretty German glass eyes and wears vintage clothing. 

She is quite photogenic...

She loves to watch 

birds and be outdoors....

As you can see, she is very cute and about 4 inches tall seated.  She told me her name is JoJo and she will be a great friend to the Steiff Jockos who are into everything around inquisitive!  And the little needle felted  monkeys I make fell in love with her instantly as I did.  Yes, there will be lots of monkey business around there are sock monkeys and other monkeys who haven't even met her yet.

It's cool and cloudy as you might have guessed from the photos.  It really seems to be a true fall day. The pretty flowers in the photos will be gone soon due to frost...and I will miss them.

As always,

enjoy the day!


Shelley said...

Brings a smile to my face....JoJo is such a sweetie. Our days are cooler as well....they are soothing to me.
Blessings on your week dear friend.

AngelMc said...

Oh she is sooo sweet.
I call my GBabies "Wild Monkies".