Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting to know you...

A new Edith Flack Ackley Pattern doll has come to live here. She was made by Yolanda Montano of Dollways. I don't think I have to gush over how cute/beautiful/charming she is. The photos can speak for themselves!

Here she is getting to know some EFA relatives who are also nine inches tall. They were made by doll artist, Carole Bailey.

They couldn't be prettier...

if they tried...

and their size is perfect!

While it is true I make Ackley pattern dolls myself, I love to have the work of other artists. (Just like when you love to cook, you still like going to a restaurant.) And I like to give credit where it is due...there are artists that will seldom give a compliment to another artists let alone buy their work. I have never been that way. I know the work and love that goes into things and I wish I could buy from even more work from more artists.

Cleaning up after the hurricane/tropical storm is ongoing here. School hasn't started for a lot of children and the power is out in a lot of places. Trees are being trimmed cut up, and wood chipped. The weather continues to be beautiful though the sound of saws and wood chippers is a reminder of what has just passed.

Back to work here

...and as always,

enjoy the day!

P.S. Hop on over to Martha and Jane for the surprise ending..and a FAB give away!


Beth said...

So beautiful, Helen :-) I love looking at EFA dolls; there is something so very endearing about them. The simplicity of their features, maybe. Your's are such a delight; such talented women!


Shelley said...

She is very cute,beautiful,charming indeed! I am sure she will be quite happy living in her new home.....blessings

April said...

Love your new EFA! She is a Beauty!! And she could not be loved or appreciated more than in your home!
Glad things are getting back to normal.