Monday, July 18, 2011

Heat wave continues....

Last year I tried pink flamingos to keep the squirrels out of the Earth Boxes and containers on the deck. They worked fine, so they were invited back for a return engagement.

So far so good with tomatoes...though raccoons may show up again and take some away... they just ignore the flamingos.

My neighbors has a spectacular garden. He hoes it by hand, carries water out in buckets, builds wonderful structures from branches he trims from his trees. He doesn't even own a hose. Because he is from a country where resources are precious, he never wastes a drop of water. I admire and respect him--out at dawn and dusk, weeding and hand watering.

The herbs on our deck are better this year than last far. It is wonderful being able to use them for stepping out the kitchen door!

The flamingos are good "pets"..they demand nothing...are fierce guardians of the deck...and they make me smile.

Real birds on the deck this week included some I have never seen before at our feeders: a boral chickadee, a brown thrasher, a very young cardinal just acquiring color, and a brown headed cowbird.

It's very hot here, though not as hot as other places. Heat shelters are open all over the Northeast and I am sure in other places where the temps are so high. I just heard that 17 states have heat alerts and many will have temps well over 100F today.

Not everybody is able to have a/c...or even a home. I hope all who need to stay cool will be able to do so...I worry about those who don't...and also about serious storms that will accompany this heat wave.

As always, whatever the weather,

enjoy the day!


Rachel Alexander said...

Like all the pictures Helen! Your plants look great!!

April said...

These are Beautiful photos!!! The plants seem to be thriving in the heat!
I love your neighbor...he sounds wonderful..and what a GARDEN!!!
I so enjoy the pics of your home...everything is clean and fresh and bright and lovely!!!

Lena said...

Oh those flamingos! So funny Helen! Too bad they won't scare away raccoons. Those creatures can be pretty dangerous. I have to keep Luna in when they are around. So far, we haven't had any this year, thank goodness. One year though, when my son was small, I woke up about 4 in the morning and looked out the window. They were sliding down the slide into his wading pool, and having a grand ol' time. They can be characters.

I love seeing your growing things, and your neighbor's beautiful garden. I sure hope you all will have cooler weather soon.

Take care.

Jacqueline said...

Now, I have to get with it and catch up to you since I'm very new to your blog. Who is Edie? I must take time tomorrow and read back on your blog for sure.

The pink flamingo's make me smile too and I needed that tonight. While you are having a major heat wave (I'm so concerned for the homeless too!) we are freezing and can't even get a start on summer. Sun peeks and goes away. Fog, rain and temps tomorrow in upper 50's and 60's in Washington. It's all so very odd.

I appreciate you and your hard gardening work and the simple neighbor who holds on to what really matters in life.

Once Upon a Fairyland

Peng Peng said...

i wish i had a hand-watering neighbor like yours...and like you! :)
lovely garden you have, good idea about the flamingos.