Friday, July 22, 2011

Early summer morning around here...

The sun is shining brightly
behind this window

...a hot day to come.

A "sailboat sunbeam" appeared
for only a moment
on the cabinet under the aquarium.

It's hard to photograph
a sunbeam

but I tried....

It made me long for the beach...

It sailed a way a moment later...

I took this through the window and screen

...80 degrees at 7:00 a.m.

Look who was napping
in the shade on the rail...
a young squirrel.

It is really hot all over the USA. The weather people call it a "heat dome." It covers a million square miles and we expect a temperature of 101*F today with heat index over 110---unusual for here.

As we approach the weekend, stay cool..and do your best to

enjoy the day!


Lena said...

Can you believe my furnace clicked on here the other morning because it was so cool? It is sunnyh today and comfortable. Too bad I couldn't airmail some of this cooler air to you.

I've been attracted to nautical things lately, so this is a timely post for me!

Beth said...

A sunbeam sailboat...what enchanted seas she must sail on, Helen :-)

Keep cool; here in the Midwest there is no relief until Tuesday, maybe.


Elizabeth said...

I live in IL and it is so hot here it is unbelievable. At 8:00 it was 89 degrees, 89 % humidity = heat index of 103. Our children live in WA state and it hasn't warmed up there yet.
Love your picture of the squirrel.

April said...

Your stained glass window is Gorgeous! Maybe you should have hopped aboard the sunbeam sailboat and had a magic day out to sea. But they might have sailed over the Rainbow and then you couldn't get back! I know two fellows who would NOT be happy about that one bit...well, maybe Three- counting the squirrel!