Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Time to garden...

It's time to garden. I came downstairs this morning and saw this scene out of the corner of my eye. The sun had awakened them and they were ready to go outdoors at 5:00 a.m.

'Don't have the heart to tell them we won't be gardening today. It will be 90F or more later and possibly 100F tomorrow... so I planted a few things yesterday before it the heat wave arrives without their help.

Remember the tornado is MA last week? The same weather conditions might occur in New England this week, too. (And to think summer doesn't start for a few more weeks.)

Summer time...I have been thinking about it. As a child it is one thing...as an adult is another. For those with the wherewithal, it can be a marvelous time. A/C , fans, swimming pools and pretty gardens can make for a delightful time.

But, I know that here, later today, there will be homeless people of all ages who will spend the day outdoors. In some cities there will be "cooling centers" for the elderly and/or sickly who don't have air conditioning when the temps go over 100.

Summer time heat is bothersome but I am aware of how terribly awful it can be for a lots of other people. My hope is that anyone-- in the heat wave that is rolling across the country-- that people will find the relief they need. After an extreme winter, we may be facing an extreme summer.

Stay cool

stay safe,

enjoy the day...


peggy gatto said...

Your little arrangement is adorable!!!
A very thoughtful post and I wish you cool breezes!

April said...

What a Clever way to garden!I am taking Piglet and friend's advice and moving my ENTIRE Garden INSIDE under the air conditioning!!! It will fit nicely on our bed and we can use all the lamps in place of the Sun..and NO WEEDS!!!Hmmmm..but I guess we'll have to sleep Outside in the heat and humidity...Hmmmmmmm, why do I feel like a Bear with very little brain?

Lena said...

It is a worry, and the heat is just as dangerous as the cold, perhaps more so. One day, Helen, perhaps the world will be as one.

Your vignette is charming, as always. I love your sense of humor. We are actually having a very cool and overcast day here today. I think it's going to rain. A good day to craft, and perhaps to visit the quilt store.


Flutterby Patch said...

Love this little gardening scene. I must show it to my dolls then they'll know how it's done (most of them are work shy). 'Cooling centers'. Never heard of that before. We rarely see intense heat here. It's winter again in northern Britain and likely to remain way so the central heating is back on.

Beth said...

Helen, it would seem our summer is shaping up to be as extreme as our winter was. I keep water outside for the stray cats, and am thankful for the cooling branches of the trees in the neighborhood, and our city park.

I loved summer as a kid; spent the day outside every day, and only worried about stepping on bees with my bare feet.