Monday, June 27, 2011

Tea at the Flamingo Tea Room...

Can you stand another bedbug story?

Bjork, the resident bedbug here is enjoying the Great Outdoors and having tea this afternoon in the Flamingo Tea Room.

(It is actually an EarthBox filled with herbs for cooking.. .a perfect spot for sipping tea al fresco.)

She is wearing pearls (like a proper tea-sipping lady) but I talked her out of wearing a feather boa. "After all, Bjork, it is very hot today. Why don't you save that for some cool evening?"

The nasturtiums haven't made any flowers yet to put in salads but they still look pretty bobbing in the breeze with the zinnias.

A patio tomato is turning red so we are very happy about that.

Last year we learned that pink Flamingos keep the squirrels out of the containers.
In New England you say? Oddly enough I bought them here!

Bjork says thank you for stopping by
...come back again...and as always

enjoy the day!


If you have time,

check out the party here

at Martha and Jane!


Linda in New Mexico said...

I adore the flamingo Tea Room. Quite the in spot, I hear. We will have to have you over for the welcoming fiesta for Bopp. Do keep some time open next week....should be a "hot" one. The Olde Bagg

AngelMc said...

Does Bjork ever drink her tea like we do down south? Cold syrupy sweet with lemon?

April said...

Oh my goodness, I thought Bjork had gone to some Fancy location for Tea..I had NO IDEA she was in her Own backyard (Dorothy is right!). She looks so stunning...I think she is waiting for Boris to join her! I need to try your Flamingo trick!!!!

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