Thursday, May 05, 2011

What I found in my travels...

The lilacs are blooming. It is cool and rainy and so lovely outside as leaves unfurl and our little world is a sea of chartreuse and emerald green.

A few weeks ago I mentioned finding "treasures."

Actually I have found quite a flea markets, antique stores and online. They were all very inexpensive and some were ridiculously low priced. (The Brazilian couple was $1 and has its original tag on the bottom.)

Beautiful Skookum mother

Skookum papoose with
mailing tag attached, 1952.
Notice the three cent stamp!

Cloth doll
4 1/2 inches
Katherine Samarin

Beautifully made
clothes pin doll

Glamourous cloth doll,
Charmaine Talbott
signed, 1993

Brazilian couple in felt
5 inches tall with labels

Some of these will be staying with is a gift, some are going to be donated to an auction. The Skookums will be staying, of course.

What treasures do you collect? Have you found any lately? Have you noticed that it is a buyer's market? All of the dolls above were just under $90...far less than the price of a single Skookum papoose I saw in an antiques store not long ago. It was fun searching for and finding these dolls...

As always,

enjoy the day!


jim-brecht said...

The Skookum has the most wonderful Face! Oh Helen- WHAT A FIND!!!! The Brazilian Couple is Delightful and I remember seeing the little dotty cloth doll in one of your group shots lately!!! SO CUTE! OH MAN- YOU DID GOOD!!! These are ALL Sensational!!!

AngelMc said...

Wow. What an amazing find. Each one is adorable.