Friday, May 27, 2011

Warm again...

Another weekend is upon us already. With this weekend some hot and humid weather arrived, too.

Mind you, it has been pretty cold here--in the 50's ad 60's during the day. Right now it is 85 humid degrees. This would more normally be weather we would have in July. But, at least we are not having terrible storms so please don't think I am complaining. It is just a surprise to have such heat so quickly...yesterday I put away my winter clothes and took out the summer clothes as almost everyone I know did, too.

Time to relax...perhaps take in a Memorial Day parade or service... or attend a family picnic since this is a holiday weekend. (Monday is Memorial Day in the USA.)

As always,

enjoy the day...

and happy weekend!


Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Laid-back guys in the windowsill:)

April said...

Love Bjork looking so "Lolitaesque"!!!!! HAHAHAHHAHA!! Our Winter clothes are definitely put away now. Time to bathe the dogs outside. Summer is here to stay!