Monday, May 02, 2011

A delightful Waterside Antiques...

Winter storms kept us from roaming the roads for months. Now gas prices ($4.23 per gallon around here yesterday) are somewhat travel limiting, too. So, we decided to stick around CT and visit some flea markets and the shore rather than travel out of state.

One of my very favorite stores to visit is located along the CT shoreline is Waterside Antiques in Clinton, CT, where I was able to see the best of the best in primitive dolls and accessories.

I noticed that the door to the shop was open and asked Mr. DollzandThings to go back so I could visit.

Inside the shop has been transformed into an open, airy space...still filled to the brim with wonderful accessories that fit so well with New England decor or authentic country style. As I spoke with the owner, Ginny Kabe, she mentioned that she had painted the ceiling recently. (It is wonderful! What a daunting task!)

I will let the photos speak for themselves. So many things to love.

The transition from the warm and cozy darker prim look to the more open and airy country look is unexpected and so lovely. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and see the change. What an unexpected surprise!

As always,

enjoy the day!


Flutterby Patch said...

Just my sort of shop and I love the decor, I could easily be tempted to move in.

jim-brecht said...

I agree with Flutterby Patch! It is so cozy and lovely..I want to sit and have tea and just let my eyes wander.What a fantastic job on the ceiling- a work of art and determination, that's for sure!!!Did you find a treasure for yourself?

AngelMc said...

ohhh that is somewonderful stuff, i love the picture of the little girl. i'm a sucker for old photos.

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Dear Helen!
What a lovely surprise AND place!
Good, that Mr. DollzandThings wanted to collaborate:)
Have a great day