Friday, May 20, 2011

Beautiful birds!

Look at these beautiful birds! My artist friend Carol made these for me!

The little blue jay is cloth that has been painted and sealed and can reside outdoors. In fact it has been outside for many days in a flower pot on our porch... but I didn't know it. (I have hardly been outside due to to pollen and when I am, I rush to the car oblivious to everything,) He didn't suffer at all from the torrential rain we have been having.

Big bird is 8" tall and quite the fashionista! She is made from paper mache and has the prettiest attire! Sometimes Carol puts things on eBay under the name of artybugboston. Thank you, Carol!

It has been raining the better part of seven days here and many days to go. As a result, the leaves are finally out on the trees and the grass is growing like weeds which are growing, too. This is providing relief from the dreadful pollen blowing around.

Happy always,

enjoy the day!

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April said...

CAROL!!!! These Birds are FABULOUS!!!! No wonder Helen didn't noticed the Jay- He looks REAL!!!! Her brain probably registered the felow as a Real Bird!!! They are delightful!!! And I ADORE the papier mache bird!!! JUST WONDERFUL!!! LUCKY HELEN!!!!!