Monday, April 04, 2011

Out and about...

Though it has been a cool, gray spring, it still has its beauty! Over the weekend, it snowed, sleeted, and rained. But, there were moments when the sun shone or wonderful gray clouds danced in the sky.

We passed by some belties that Mr. DollzandThings spotted from the corner of his eye. He turned around and went back and sure enough...there they were. Regular readers know that I adore these "Oreo cookie" cows, the Belted Galloway.

My love of the Beltie inspired April Ross to create Hannah, my beloved needle felted Beltie. April gifted me with Hannah. Life has not been the same since she knocked on the door!

Earlier in the day we had been in New London, CT, and happened to be across the river from the Eagle in Groton.

There was time that the harbor would have been filled with these ships. A few years ago, there was a tall ship festival and we were lucky enough to board this ship and others. It was wonderful, spectacular time.

It was nice to be "out and about" after such a long winter so filled with snow. There is plenty of snow left in MA and northern CT, but warmer days will melt it soon.

Time to refill my coffee cup and begin the day!

As always,

enjoy the day!


Flutterby Patch said...

Glad you aren't snowed in! We have rain and gales but I'm looking forward to change and some peaceful Spring weather (wish it would hurry along).

April said...

That is so cute that you and Mr. Dollz go Exploring for Belties!! And you always find some!!!
Love the photos...the harbor is beautiful with its gray color and scenery. Soon we'll see bright Spring photos here..don't worry, it will come soon. Enjoy your coffee, my dear!

Beth said...

Surely one of the keys to a happy life is finding some beauty in every day, not just the ones with sunshine :-)

Just like you have.


Lena said...

Our skies have been looking just about the same, minus the snow of course! This afternoon though, we've had a bit of sunshine. Hooray! If I could, I'd send you some.

The new doll is nice, and it's lovely to see Hannah again.

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Helen I showed my daughter your pick she said this boat in this photo is the only one of its kind in the coast guard fleet very neat pick it was commandiered from germany. Hugs jackie