Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring...sort of!

Over the weekend, when we weren't paying attention, spring began.

We needed to do some errands down along the shoreline. We grabbed some take-out salad from a supermarket and found a quiet place to dine... with a the car, of course.

As you can see, winter has ravaged this quaint little lobster shack. (Winter has ravaged: roads and parking lots, paint on houses, trees & shrubs...and mailboxes. Snow plow versus mail box...plow always wins.)

This seagull followed me as I took the photo. He/she was waiting for a handout but sadly, salad is not a sea gull treat. I thought it would step on my foot for a moment...

There is a prediction for a "little snow" today...emphasis on
little. Busy week ahead with "chances of snow" lingering on the horizon. It's way too early here for much in the way of greenery, but one can see little chartreuse shoots of bulbs emerging here and there.

Wishing you a happy spring and good week! As always,

enjoy the day!


Beth said...

How nice to see the ground again, after all that SNOW :-) Crocus and little tete-a-tete daffodils are blooming here!


AngelMc said...

That is a very charming picture.
It is warming up here, and I'm already dreading the heat....

Lena said...

Well, it's those little things that give us hope!

Have a great day Helen.


April said...

Spring here! Everything is blooming- the Tulip trees are gorgeous!!! But my nose is also Blooming...a Blooming nuisance! And I'm with you, Angel, very warm days (Arkansas) already...LOOK OUT for Summer!!! love your seagull, Helen!!!

Christine LeFever said...

What a delightful respite for you. Salad? OMG! But you are healthy. We have seagulls in our area and I like to throw them french fries from time-to-time. They love them! And by the way, thank you for your vote of confidence on my new endeavor.

Paris hotel said...

very charming picture. warmly