Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wonderful collections...

Our doll club met on Monday and did a program on dolls of color for Black History month.

The above dolls are from my collection. The Edith Ackley dolls are by Carole Bailey. I made tiny little Precious from an Ackley pattern. The tiniest cloth doll is quite old. There is an adorable Kelly doll in African costume who just makes me smile.

And Addie, with the blue hair bow, is a doll I soft sculpted and painted. Her body was designed and constructed by Ike Putney from the Deare Girl pattern. She is carrying a stuffed Edie doll I made her!

Amazingly, there were no duplicates in such a variety of dolls ranging from valuable bisque dolls to souvenir dolls to humble home made cloth dolls.

Doll collectors like to research their dolls so it was interesting to hear the history and origin of the dolls.

There is even an original Cabbage Patch American girl doll.

It was also Valentine's Day and our buffet luncheon table was decorated with the most wonderfully attired Evangeline doll. Note that she has a miniature heart box of candy nearby. It was filled with tiny realistic looking candies.

As you can well imagine, we had a very good time...ate too many goodies...and loved the opportunity to share our dolls and friendship. I came home with a very special item I purchased from a club member. But, that is for another post. It needs its own introduction!

As always,

enjoy the day!


April said...

OH I am Overwhelmed!!! What a celebration!!! So many wonderful dolls! You Doll Club is sensational. My FAVORITE doll in the entire bunch is "Addie". Oh Helen, she is lovely- such a face!!!
And that table of goodies!!!! WOW!!! It must have been a truly terrific meeting.

Beth said...

I agree with April, Addie is my favorite. Her face is so expressive. So many wonderful dolls; how soul satisfying to share this passion with kindred spirits.


Anonymous said...

Helen. This is an awesome post. I almost feel like I was at your club meeting. Thank YOU. Betty Lubbert

AngelMc said...

Such gorgeous dolls!! Is that a Michelle Obama doll? She is stunning!!

Shelley said...

They are all wonderful dolls...thanks so much for sharing....blessings

Lena said...

This looks like a wonderful meeting Helen. I like that little tiny doll the best, I think. Your dolls are lovely Helen.