Monday, February 07, 2011

A little bit of pretty...

Dolls have not been appearing her as much as snow. Well, the snow continues to be pesky but I am most optimistic we will have less big storms in the weeks to come. ( I am probably wrong on this!)

For Chinese New year (which was few days ago) I brought out this pretty little Heidi Ott doll. She has the most pleasant and sweet expression. Just to look at her is to smile.

Valentine's Day is around the corner. I have made and sent out a few things but I still need to get going and make some Valentines.

There is a little snow on the way tomorrow. I started laughing when it heard weather forecasters referring to "nuisance storms." Apparently these are storms that deliver less than foot of snow!

Many shopping centers in our town are closed due to roof problems. There have been dozens of roof collapses.

Today and yesterday with temps in the 40's, people are using this opportunity to shovel off roofs everywhere.
The only problem is that there is no place left to put snow and we are in a deep sea of it. Now when it melts, it freezes over making for some exciting travel through mountains of snow.

Thank you so much for all the kind words and good wishes during our stormy winter.

Off to ponder those Valentines!

As always,

Enjoy the day!


Lena said...

Your doll does have a sweet expression, and she is a perfect celebration of the new year.

It has been an amazing snow year for all of you in that part of the world. Our winter has been fairly mild so far, but the paper mentioned that next year will be a neutral La Nina~La Nino year, which they say is when we have our most dramatic weather. I wonder what that will mean for you?

Valentine's Day is so much fun. I think I've finally decided on my design for this year's Valentines. Simple, but sweet, just like the day.


Shelley said...

Love your doll...she is very day it is like Spring here then the next it is winter again....crazy isn't it....blessings on your week....Shelley